what we do

Owner's Representative

ZHA provides many levels of management and expertise in assisting our clients in implementing their facility requirements. With an extensive variety of experienced professionals available, we provide services at the exact times they are needed helping our clients reduce costs by avoiding full-time staffing of such expertise in their own organizations.

Strategic Planning

ZHA provides a variety of strategic planning and design services to assist our clients in organizing and defining their facility needs. We assist our clients in understanding their business objectives and markets and relate their direct applicability in driving facility requirements.

General Consultant

ZHA provides on-demand specialty services to assist our clients in a variety of areas including financial support, graphics support and special liaison. Our staff has a diverse background of education and experience that provide specialty expertise as needed to help our clients communicate, build support or operate more effectively.


Extension of Staff Construction Procurement
Claims Management & Avoidance
Construction Inspection
Design Coordination
Pay Requisition Process
Peer Review Services
Project Close-out Process Management
Project Management Agency Coordination
Construction Delivery Systems Analysis
Construction Management
Contract Negotiation
Design Management
Project Budget Management
Project Controls
Program Management Master Scheduling
Multiple Construction Contract Coordination
Program Bond Finance Interface
Program Controls
Program Definition & Operational Procedures
Program Procurement Analysis & Procedures
Conceptual Design Services Conceptual Cost Estimating
Visioning & Consensus Building
Rendering & Imaging
Site Feasibility Studies
Wayfinding, Signage & Directional Graphics
Project Scope Definition Architectural Programming & Space Definition
Design Criteria Definition
Due Diligence
Project Cost Estimating
RFQ Development & Evaluation
Schematic Design
Sequencing Definition
Spatial Relationship Planning
Public & Private Planning Business Development Planning
Campus & Facility Planning
Capital Improvement Planning
Corridor Planning
Disaster Recovery Planning
Funding Analysis & Revenue Potential Analysis
Master Scheduling & Sequencing Planning
Space Planning
Financial Support Bond Prospectus Engineer Reports
Cash Flow Projections & Scheduling
Economic Impact Studies
Finance Team Interface
Funding Source/Expense Analysis & Reporting
Pro-Forma Development Analysis
Project Eligibility Analysis
Project Synopsis & Description
Special Liaison Agency & Intergovernmental Coordination
Conflict Resolution
Cross Department Communications
Cost Resolution
International Relations
Staff Mentoring
Team Building