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Center for Neovation
The Center for Neovation
Osceola County, Florida

The Center for Neovation is a public and private entities collaborative project developed to create high-skill, high-pay jobs in Osceola County and the Central Florida community. The facility is a nanotechnology incubator for the advancement of manufacturing processes for smart sensor technology.

This first phase of a 500-acre campus, owned by Osceola County, is a research and manufacturing facility to house both class 100 and class 10000 cleanrooms and includes a separate 3,224 SF RO/AWN building. Facility specifications include:

  • Class 100 Cleanroom - 26,527 SF with 26,469 SF subfab plus 26,527 SF interstitial space above
  • Class 10000 Cleanroom - 9,790 SF on elevated slab
  • Six HPM rooms totaling 3,743 SF

Class 10000
Class 100



  • 109,000-square-foot research and manufacturing facility
  • State-of-art semiconductor R&D facility with focus on next generation smart sensors
  • Waffle slab floor system
  • Extensive Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing support space
  • Office and Laboratory (wet and dry) space


  • Designing a cleanroom space with flexibility to accommodate varying tool layouts

Project Team

  • Client Osceola County Government
  • Architect HOK
  • Cleanroom Architect Abbie Gregg, Inc.
  • Contractor Skanska

Project Cost
$80 million

Project/Construction Start
December 2015

Completion Date
September 2017

SkyWater Florida will operate and utilize this state-of-the-art 200 mm semiconductor manufacturing facility to rapidly address emerging commercial and government agency needs for U.S.-sourced electronics. SkyWater Florida will also partner with BRIDG, a non-profit organization focused on advanced research, development, and manufacturing for next generation microelectronics.

This public-private partnership with Osceola County, SkyWater Florida and BRIDG will accelerate access to domestic development and manufacturing services for microelectronics advanced packaging.

The balance of the campus is planned to provide opportunities for the development of business to supplement and support the smart sensor industry.

As the Owner's Representative for Osceola County, ZHA was authorized to manage all of the activities for the County, design-builder, and the private industry partners to ensure the facility is completed with the defined budget. ZHA's responsibilities included the design/build criteria, design-builder selection, contract negotiation, programming and baseline project definition, design and construction owner's representative services through the construction completion, tool installation and operations start-up.