Facility Condition Assessment

Helping clients avoid facilities budget overruns

ZHA has extensive experience conducting facility condition assessments for clients throughout Florida. Our team of individuals is well versed in FCAs, having not only conducted FCAs for Florida owners but also having been involved in the cost estimating, funding, design, and construction of various building types.

Typically for each building, we provide a condition assessment including an assessment of the exterior, interior improvements and fixed furnishings, and building systems (HVAC piping and equipment, plumbing, electrical systems and distribution, fire protection, conveyance and other building equipment). Each identified deficiency is categorized by type and level of distress (missing, damaged, or expired). In addition, a cost estimate to correct each identified deficiency is provided.

A complete FCA report includes:

  • Condition Report/Facility Cost Model: This will show a facility systems breakdown of building systems per Uniformat (ASTM E1557) including the Facility Condition Index (FCI). Costs expressed in the Cost Models are expressed in relation to the facility area ($/SF) and are intended to provide a rough order of magnitude (ROM) of facility Renewal and Replacement costs. Life Cycles of building systems are initially established as indexed by the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA).
  • Deficiency Report: A report of system deficiencies includes ROM costs, photos and the type and distress level of the deficiency (i.e., missing, damaged, or expired).
  • Renewal (Capital Improvement) Schedule: A schedule of projected renewals corresponding with the Condition Report for a planning period of "X" years, as specified by the client.

In addition to the report components above, clients with a large number of buildings under assessment also benefit from the inclusion of a Renewal & Capital Improvement Summary. This summary provides a snapshot of repair (deficiency) costs, replacement (renewal) costs, and FCI for each facility during the specified planning period.