Sensors Are A Part of Daily Life

You, your family and friends can credit sensors for better health. Bio sensors are key to medical monitoring to help:
  • uncover tumors and recognize cancer cells within the body,
  • detect glucose levels in diabetics,
  • identify specific genetic defects, and
  • enable doctors to deliver treatments more directly where it's needed.

Sensors make your life more convenient:
  • Sensors help keep our homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Without sensors in our kitchen appliances, our refrigerators wouldn't keep food from spoiling, and our ovens wouldn't stay hot enough to finish cooking our Sunday dinners.
  • Sensors help tell us when a traffic accident on I-4 will cost us another 30 minutes on the road.

Sensors make us safer:
  • They detect if there is too much carbon dioxide in the air in our homes.
  • Sensors help keep track of the quality and quantity of ingredients in the manufacturing of our foods and pharmaceuticals.
  • They alert us if we are about to back into someone in our cars while we try to parallel park on Main Street.