Healthcare Projects

Healthcare technology and treatments are much different than even 20 years ago. With the evolution of technology and new diagnostic and recovery methods, healthcare facilities have adjusted. Of course, the marketplace has changed profoundly as well. ZHA stays current with healthcare trends, working with community hospitals and healthcare systems as they evolve. We help healthcare providers plan how they will serve patients now and in the future, and we help providers manage the programs for expansion or renovation.

Featured Projects

Osceola County
Retirement Community Renovation and Expansion Program
Lakeview Terrace Retirement Community – Altoona, Florida

ZHA is providing complete development assistance and owner's representative services in the expansion and renovation of Lakeview Terrace Retirement Center CCRC. The existing campus includes 220 independent living units, a 20,000 SF community center and a health center containing 20 skilled nursing beds and 65 assisted living units. The planned expansion will add up to 250 independent living units and a 36,000 SF clubhouse.

Additionally, the community center and health centers will be renovated and the utilities will be expanded. The expansion will be phased based on sales of independent living units. ZHA is coordinating all programming, design, permitting, marketing, financing and construction. Additionally, ZHA is coordinating the annexation process from Altoona into the city of Umatilla.

Citrus Memorial Health System
Owner's Representative Services
Citrus Memorial Health System – Inverness, Florida

ZHA provided Owner's Authorized Representative services—Planning, Design Criteria Package Development, Program and Project Management, Construction Oversight—for various capital improvement projects. These projects include:

  • Citrus Memorial Hospital Emergency Department Expansion—The Emergency Department expansion program consists of 5,400 square feet of new construction; 3,000 square feet of canopies and decontamination space; 5,000 square feet of major renovation and 6,000 square feet of finish upgrades. All construction and renovation activities were done without any major disruption to current emergency room activities.
  • Citrus Memorial Healthcare Center at Sugarmill Woods—A 23,400-square-foot healthcare clinic composed of four independent medical suites: a doctor's office suite, walk-in clinic, an imaging center and a rehabilitation/aquatic center. Each suite has an independent entry, lobby/registration area, and treatment area. The exterior boasts a canopy and covered colonnade joining all four entries. At the rear of the building is a mobile MRI complex with covered access to the imaging examination area.
  • Allen Ridge Campus—ZHA provided conceptual site analysis for Citrus Memorial Health System's Allen Ridge campus in central Citrus County. The effort included assessment of the medical office buildings existing on the site and the preliminary site planning for a new Community Health Center to be constructed by the CMHS Foundation.
  • Open-Heart Suite Expansion and Hospital Renovation—A 61,900-square-foot expansion that included a two-story vertical addition with an open-heart suite and a cardiac cath lab and observation unit above the existing patient areas. The project also produced a two-story horizontal expansion of the existing surgery, diagnostic imaging, endoscopy and labs. Renovations primarily included enhancements to surgery and laboratory areas.
Ormond Beach Memorial Hospital
Project Scheduling
Florida Hospital Memorial Division - Ormond Beach Replacement Hospital

ZHA was engaged by the design-builder to provide services on a 720,000-square-foot, 245-bed replacement hospital project that consists of a 12-story tower, as well as a central energy plant and a five story medical office building.

ZHA services include overall schedule analysis, development of a detailed overall project schedule, bi-weekly near term updates including attendance at the jobsite progress meetings and preparation of the monthly project status report.

Village on the Green
Property Assessment
Village on the Green – Longwood, Florida

ZHA was engaged by Lifespace Communities, based in Des Moines, Iowa, to evaluate a 25-acre parcel contiguous to the existing retirement community facilities. Previously a 18-hole golf course had been sold to a developer who is redesigning the golf course and creating additional properties. The opportunity therefore was for Villages On The Green to await the developer's progress or purchase the property and develop it themselves.

ZHA was to understand the financial feasibility of the expanded complex and run comparative analysis of the two obvious options. Part of the assignment meant preparing sample site and development concept plans, comparing costs to develop and comparing cost for governmental approvals. The property is in a sensitive environmental area and initial investigations revealed about 10 acres to be developable with 15 acres in protected wetlands.

ZHA's report outlined both options and a third hybrid option. The report showed the investment costs of assuming the property would be optioned and LCRC would secure all approvals and close on the property and then construct its expansion. While this option had upfront costs and associated risk, it was the quickest way to get the product into the market. The other options took considerably longer and had other types of risks including the developer choosing to maintain the property for its own use.