Education Projects

Education is experiencing monumental growth. At the same time, many older educational facilities are deteriorating. As a result, K-12 districts, junior colleges and universities are addressing the delivery of new schools and buildings and renovating existing facilities—sometimes at un uncomfortable pace. In many cases, the schools are exceeding their funding or their project delivery capacity. We focus our education work in Florida—we understand the political environment, the education requirements, and Florida's construction markets and requirements. We are committed to Florida education and are proud to assist owners int he delivery of any education-related capital building program.

Featured Projects

Disaster Recovery Assistance
Disaster Recovery Assistance Services
Various South Florida School Districts

Florida's hurricanes in the summers of 2004 & 2005 were unprecedented in their number and the damage to property and residents of the State. While most public agencies now have disaster preparation and response plans in place, much more is now known as to how to deal with disasters before, during and after an event. Districts should review current plans and update or upgrade them based on the lessons learned. ZHA assisted the following School Districts with their response to the hurricanes and is uniquely qualified to assist all School Districts in preparing for the future.

Charlotte County Public Schools: ZHA provided cost estimates to replace seven schools (one high, two middle, and four elementary) destroyed by Hurricane Charley. Our estimating process is unique; we used Florida Inventory of School House data to generate space design types and coordinate available school district construction documents. The cost estimates covered 55 structures and 460,151 square feet of buildings.

ZHA assisted the school district with the technical process during the submission of six "Improved Projects." An Improved Project is a permanent restoration project where the school district chooses to make improvements to the destroyed facility while replacing the facility. It involves determining the cost of improved replacement vs. cost of replacement for the actual building destroyed/damaged and designating the financial responsibilities of the owner, insurance, and FEMA.

School District of Glades County: ZHA provided facility condition assessments at five schools with 39 structures totaling 246,309 square feet related to damages from Hurricane Wilma. The assessment product was used by a local architect to develop a CM at Risk construction document for all repairs.

School District of Hendry County: ZHA provided facility condition assessments at 12 schools with 130 structures totaling 1,103,289 square feet. The assessments were related to damages from Hurricane Wilma. ZHA also provided program management as owner's staff extension to repair over $600,000 in damages.

School District of Indian River County: ZHA provided facility condition assessments at 20 schools with 327 structures totaling 2,228,832 square feet related to damages from Hurricane Wilma. ZHA also provided replacement cost estimates for one totally destroyed facility.

School District of St. Lucie County: ZHA provided facility condition assessments at 37 schools with 282 structures totaling 4,498,014 square feet. The assessments identified damages from Hurricane Wilma. ZHA also provided an assessment of the work plan and agreements for the work being performed by the school district's remediation contractor, and developed an eight school mitigation grant that returned $2,300,000 to the school district for repairs.

ZHA provided a cost estimate for the replacement of destroyed classroom buildings, and provided clerk of the works to evaluate the planning and execution of the replacement of 84 portable classrooms that were destroyed. We also provided technical support for a four school Shelter Retrofit Emergency Generator Grant.

School District of Martin County: ZHA provided program/project management staff extension services to manage the repairs to 29 district schools. ZHA provided facility condition assessments, managed design services where needed, coordinated bidding, scheduling, construction contract administration, FF&E procurements and value engineering.

ZHA evaluated all FEMA Project Worksheets (PW) for appropriate scope of work and cost. ZHA compared its detailed school damage assessment against each FEMA PW, and saved the school district hundreds of thousands of dollars. ZHA also provided technical support for an 11 school Shelter Retrofit Emergency Generator Grant.

Hurricane Damage Repair Program
Hurricane Damage Repair Program
Saint Edward's School - Vero Beach, Florida

As the school's owner's representative, ZHA managed $9,000,000 worth of damage repairs and renovations to 46 buildings on campus and provided full-time on-site construction observation. During the pre-construction stage, ZHA reviewed scope of work docuemtns, scheduling, FF&E procurement and value engineering to assist the school in the negotiation of construction contracts.

Lake Sumter State College
Softball Complex
Lake Sumter State College - Clermont Campus, Florida

ZHA was hired to complete a feasibility study for a joint use Softball Complex located in Clermont. The study provided a preliminary program, conceptual plan and cost estimate for Lake Sumter State College (LSSC), in partnership with Lake County and South Lake Hospital. The proposed Clermont site had topographical constraints that would have to be considered when designing the ultimate layout of the fields and field house locations.

Following completion of the feasibility study, LSSC decided to proceed with the project and keep ZHA on the team to assist in the design-build contractor selection process and to provide owner's representative services during the design and construction phases of the project. The final project provided three (3) recreational fields and one (1) stadium field on a raised grade.

The project provided three (3) recreational fields, one (1) stadium field on a raised grade, and a concessions and pressbox facility with restrooms. ZHA provided oversight and project management during design and construction of the project.

Citrus County Public School
Facilities Procedure Manual
Citrus County Public Schools - Inverness, Florida

ZHA assisted Citrus County Public Schools in developing a Facilities Procedure Manual to identify Citrus County Public School's Facilities Department procedures and to provide a framework for managing design and construction projects. This manual inter-connected the department's process requirements with industry construction processes for a consistent approach to facility development.

The Facilities Procedure Manual was organized into 10 chapters to cover construction from beginning to end:

  • Introduction
  • The Facilities Department
  • Capital Planning
  • Site Planning & Acquisition
  • Project Management, Planning and Scope Development
  • Professional and Construction Services Selection
  • Design Phase
  • Pre-Bid, Bid and Award
  • Construction Phase
  • Occupancy and Post-Occupancy Phase

This manual is a living document that can be changed easily as department procedures change.